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Alisia Gill


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About Me

I am a true believer in the transformative power of people. ​Organizations can acquire and retain the talent they need to ​become great companies. And when those same companies ​focus on becoming great employers as well, both personal and ​organizational growth and innovation become possible. This is my ​mission.

During a career spanning over two decades, I have stood at the ​intersection of workforce, business, and analytics. My journey, ​began in finance and consulting, eventually leading to Chief ​People Officer. I’ve worked at IBM, NYC’s IT agency, and an ​Inc5000 company - and did so all over the world. I’m a business ​executive who just happens to believe that if you don’t get the ​people part right, you’re nowhere!

P.S. For those impressed by educational credentials... you can take the lady out ​of Princeton and Columbia, but you can’t take what she learned out of the lady!



Retain Your Critical ​Employees

Do you know why they quit?

Hint: It’s mostly not because of money.

People stay for many reasons, including...

  • the expected impact on their career
  • belief in a company’s mission
  • company culture

No two people are the same, so you have to ​determine it takes to keep each of your ​employees from resigning.

It’s complicated. We can help.

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US employees ​quit their jobs

in one month


Women & people of color

thinking of quitting


Smart employers have a plan for ​retaining their employees. Do you?

Executive Coaching

North Star Executive Coaching

We specialize in helping mid-level and executive professionals navigate their careers in a ​way that is deeply meaningful, fulfilling, and in alignment with who they uniquely are.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill coaching; this is a profound personal transformation rooted in ​your unique journey and the talents you bring to everything you touch. Your career is not just a ​job; it's a crucial component of your life.

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Our coaching experience is as ​unique as you are. We draw from ​your strengths, your experiences, ​your values, and your aspirations.

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Beyond Traditional ​Coaching

We don't focus on skill development ​or resume building. We delve deep ​into the core of who you are, ensuring ​that your career journey is a ​reflection of your authentic self.

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Your North Star

We'll help you define your ​personal North Star – that unique ​guiding force that keeps you ​focused on what matters for how ​you want to live.

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Our coaching isn't about short-​term fixes; it's about fostering a ​lifelong sense of fulfillment, ​balance, and harmony in your ​professional and personal life.


Let's connect.

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